How it Works?


It all begins with a call. Speak with a Navidater to set up a consultation.


Together we will work to determine how we can best help you.


Based on your dating profile we will select the best package for you.

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Why Us?

Q: Are you in the business of matchmaking?

We are not matchmakers.  We don’t set you up on dates.  Our goal is to help you be your best self on your dating journey and beyond.

Q: What exactly do you offer and what do you charge?

See our “Pick a Package” menu tab at the top of our website.  Please call The Navidaters today to discuss pricing.

Q: I am not a big believer in therapy. However I do need guidance with my dating because I am still single and not in any relationship. How personal do I have to get?

You get as personal as you feel like getting.  The Navidaters may ask some personal questions or gently suggest exploring a topic but you are in control at all times.  For example, if the “Drop Your Bags” package is suggested, you can say “no thanks” and partake in the program.  You are free to revisit the idea with us or not.  Our goal is your personal comfort.

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