Q: Are you in the business of matchmaking?

A:  We are not matchmakers.  We don’t set you up on dates.  Our goal is to help you be your best self on your dating journey and beyond.

Q: Say somewhere along the program I discover that I am sabotaging my dates or turning guys off? What can the Navidaters do to address that?

A: What an excellent question!  We are so glad you asked.  This is precisely what makes us different than a dating coach.  Take a look at our packages to get a full understanding of what we do.  After our initial “Getting to Know You” assessment, it may come to our attention and yours that you are falling over your own stumbling blocks.  As licensed psychotherapists and coaches we are qualified to assist you dig a bit deeper.  And we do just that in our “Drop Your Bags” package.  This is the package that most resembles therapy.  But no worries, we will only explore what you feel comfortable exploring.  Let’s Navidate it Together!

Q: I am not a big believer in therapy. However I do need guidance with my dating because I am still single and not in any relationship. How personal do I have to get?

You get as personal as you feel like getting.  The Navidaters may ask some personal questions or gently suggest exploring a topic but you are in control at all times.  For example, if the “Drop Your Bags” package is suggested, you can say “no thanks” and partake in the program.  You are free to revisit the idea with us or not.  Our goal is your personal comfort.

Q: I am living at home and still supported by my parents. They pay my bills and will inevitably see The Navidaters as a charge of their credit card. I am worried my mother will call you and ask what I talk about or what my issues are. Will you talk to her if she is paying the bills? For that matter, will you talk to anyone about your clients?

Relationships with our clients are strictly confidential.   A Navidater would speak to a concerned party only with our client’s clear consent.  Should your mother call us we would not divulge that you are a client.  Regarding the credit card bill statement, and your signature, that is another story.  You may want to consider another form of payment to keep it private.

Q: I am dating a guy right now and we are talking about getting engaged soon. Would you meet with us short term to iron out some issues?

A: Absolutely!  We are here to service your any and every dating related need.  We would be happy to meet with you and your significant other.  We would explore together the issues that are concerning you.

Q: Can you ladies reach out to my son? He has dating issues and could really use your advice, but doesn’t listen to his dear old mom.

A: We cannot do that.  Try sending him our link or keep the laptop open in a high traffic area of the home.

Q: What exactly do you offer and what do you charge?

A: See our “Pick a Package” menu tab at the top of our website.  Please call The Navidaters today to discuss pricing.