We’ve piqued your interest, but how exactly does this work? Can I get the play by play please? Sure, the process looks as follows:

Your initial meeting with a Navidater is all about getting to know you; your personality, your dreams and goals and learning about how we can help you. We do this through a two part method.   After introductions are made, your Navidater will hand you My Story, a brief and gentle personal inventory for you to fill out.   Upon completion, you and your Navidater will sit down together for our trademark “Getting to Know You” consultation. We will touch upon areas of your life relevant to dating and relationships. After this meeting, you will hear from your Navidater within a few days and be given the option to book your second consultation in which your Navidater will give you your Date Diagnosis and provide you with your unique Dating Profile. Your Navidater will then give you her Navidater’s View and guide you toward which package is right for you. She may recommend one specific package or she may blend packages. You are free to disagree with your Navidater’s View and may pick a package you feel better suits you.  Take a peek at our  custom packages under header Pick Your Package now to learn more.

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At a Glimpse

Consultation 1Getting to Know you and My Story (50 minutes - $120)

Consultation 2Date Diagnosis/Dating Profile and The Navidater’s View (50 Minutes, $120)


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30 Minute and 50 Minute GIFT CERTIFICATES available.